Reclaiming the Indian Women won the fan favorite award at the Señorita Cinema Festival. This documentary questions the way women are viewed in India and digs deeper into how this affects is a mirror to the rest of the world. This film looks into gender discrimination and touches on taboo subjects that need to be acknowledge by both men and women. It questions societal norms and how they are detrimental towards the mental, economical and emotional growth of women at an international level.

Impatient is a film by Autumn Knight and Monica Villarreal. This film briefly investigates Houston’s evolving ethnogeographic situation in the new millennium. A Black and Brown friendship, mediated by language, provides a lens to examine the increasingly overlapping presence of African-American and Latinos/ Chicanos throughout the city. A series of interviews weaves together a context for history and claimed space, specifically within Houston’s Third Ward and Magnolia neighborhoods. Impatient intends to participate in the ongoing discussion of potential Black/Brown cultural exchange and unification efforts. 

Propaganda of Hope

This short film by Michael Godoy and Monica Villarreal, "Propaganda of Hope" focus on white propaganda, and it's use in the Barack Obama Hope poster in the 2008 presidential campaign. The film deconstruction the meaning of the word hope within Obama's poster with relation to Obama's campaign message. This short film demonstrates how the poster simplified Obama's campaign which inundated the American media and popular culture. Local Houston artists that were part of the Shepard Fairy Obama Hope poster movement were interviewed.

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