Monica Villarreal

is an interdisciplinary artist and grassroots organizer exploring topics such as ethnic identity, gender roles, migration, land sovereignty, and environmental justice through her arts. She is a recipient of BIPOC Arts Network and Fund (BANF) - Houston Cultural Treasures, Houston Arts Alliance, and the Idea Fund. Her work has been on view at various institutions including DiversWorks, Orange Show, Voices Breaking Boundaries, Project Row Houses, Art League Houston, MATCH, Santa Fe Arts Institute, etc. She wears various hats, as the founder of Creative Women Unite (2007), a local feminist arts collaborative, and leader and dance instructor of Danza Azteca Taxcayolot (2012), a local Danza Azteca group that practices Mexican indigenous traditions through her spirituality and culture and artistic expression through community engaging performances. Through her work with Taxcayolotl, she is a recipient of a BANF grant and a Houston Endowment grant. 

Most recently, she has acquired land and founded Xochipilli Collective (XC), an intergenerational and multi-tribal indigenous organization that provides space and opportunities for indigenous peoples through the exchange of arts, sustainability, and culture. She attended Symbiosis International University in Pune India (2012) to learn typography from Mainz Gutenberg Award winner instructors and she holds an M.A. in Digital Media Studies from the University of Houston- Clear Lake.

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